Italian-American: Cory Pesaturo

In 2002, Cory Pesaturo became the youngest person to win the National Accordion Championship

Excerpt taken from Slices of Life - Italian American Stories by

Italian-American Author, Joanna M. Leone

Cory heard his father moving a few things around in the closet. He took the last bite of his grinder and walked into the living room. Cory saw his father take out a box which he had never seen before. His father lifted the accordion he played many years ago, from the box.

Corey’s father gazed at his son and touched his arm lovingly as he handed him the accordion. Cory was eager to play the accordion from that day forward.

“I didn’t like practicing the accordion, but I loved playing it.”

One afternoon Cory’s friend asked, “ Cory, do you want to come over and play baseball?” Cory thought about the accordion and said, “No, I’ve got to practice the accordion today.” Cory had a passion for playing the accordion. His parents were proud of him and the fact that he advanced so quickly....